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Many thanks for your interest in the Hepatitis C Partnership’s Online Survey. The purpose of the survey is to get feedback from people in Ireland on addressing the Hepatitis C Virus in Ireland as we work towards the World Health Organisation goals of eliminating Hepatitis C as a public health threat by 2030.


Please note the following information before you begin:

  • All data from the survey will be collected using Survey Monkey, which is a secure, password protected web platform. It will then be downloaded and stored in line with good data management practice

  • We will be using the Anonymous Response Collector option on Survey Monkey. Thus, no information which could identify you (such as your IP address) will be collected by the research team. However, Survey Monkey automatically records respondent IP addresses, which are stored in backend logs and later deleted by Survey Monkey. You can read Survey Monkey’s privacy policy at this link

  • Your responses are confidential and will only be reported in aggregate format and in a manner which protects your anonymity

  • Participation is completely voluntary and you may stop answering questions at any time

  • Your answers and the data they provide will be analysed and may be used in drafting reports and research papers

  • The campaign has been supported by AbbVie and Gilead Sciences Ltd. All content and views are those of the Hepatitis C Partnership and not those of the sponsors

If you are affected in any way by participation and want support, or if you have any queries in relation to the survey, please contact us at


Many thanks for reviewing this important information.

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