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What is Hepatitis C?

Find out  about the virus, symptoms and effects

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Hep C Stories

Hep C Stories

A Virus

Hepatitis C is a virus that causes Hepatitis. There are 4 different types of Viral Hepatitis A,B,C,D and E


Hepatitis C is an infection of th liver caused by the Hepatitis C Virus. The virus gets into your body through infected blood.


Hepatitis C is often called a silent killer because the majority of people have no symptoms until many year later and once liver damage has occured


If untreated the virus c causes scarring and damager to the liver leading to Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer and Liver Failure


hep C is Curable

Although the virus may sound scary, its is CURABLE in offer 95% of people who undertake treatment


There is no vaccine

There is no vaccine for Hep C but there is for Hepatitis A and B. 


blood borne virus

You can get hepatitis C when infected blood finds its way into your bloodstream (blood-to-blood contact).

Time it can live outside the body at room temperature


The Hep C virus can live on surfaces at room temperature from

16-96 hours

The world's most Infectious Diseases

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Over 71 million worldwide are estimated to have Hepatitis C  

Hep C & B cause over

1 million deaths

per year


Mortality from viral hepatitis is expected to exceed the combined mortality of HIV, TB and and malaria by 2040

 Deaths in Ireland due to hepatitis C every year


2 people in Ireland die every year as a result of complications  from the Hepatitis C virus

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