Know The Risks 

Don't live with a hidden virus, check the risk factors

Protect Yourself

By not sharing any equipment used even water. Get clean sterilised works

Injecting Drugs

Sharing injecting equipment, such as needles, syringes, spoons and filters is a high risk factor

Safe Injectables

Always visit a professional and ensure you check their license


Having botox, lip fillers and other cosmetic procedures done in unsterile and un professional settings 

Get Checked

Use a condom particularly with a new partner and ask for a Hep C test when getting an STI check


Rough, anal and prolonged sex with multiple partners can increase the chances of blood to blood contact

Prevent Infection

Don't share snorting tools as small drops of blood can be present



Sharing pipes, straws, notes etc to snort drugs. Membranes in the nose break down causing bleeding

Protect your own

When in prison it is important to have your own razor, toothbrush etc.


Having spent anytime in prison or a correction centre has been shown to increase your exposure to the Hep C virus

Safe Procedures

If  you have had a medical procedure in a country with poor infection control testing would be reccomended 

Blood Transfussion

Anyone who had a blood transfusion pre 1989 in Ireland or in a country with poor or no blood testing

Safe Body Art

Always visit a professional body artist and ensure that ink is not shared but decanted and disposed 


+ Piercings

Having had a tattoo or piercing in an unsterilised and unprofessional setting can present some risk


+ Piercings

Practise Safe Sex

Use a condom and specifically ask to be tested for Hepatitis C when you go for for an STI check. 

Rough Sex

Fisting, using sex toys or having multiple partners can increase the risk of blood being present. 

Infection Control

Always visit a professional and research that infection control matches the standard here in Ireland.

Medical Procedures

Having dental or cosmetic procedures in countries without adequate infection control

Your Risk
If any of the above applies to you, we recommend you get tested.
Were not peaching or saying if you get a tattoo you could Hepatitis C.   
The greatest risk comes from sharing tools used to inject or snort drugs. 



All People over 18y get tested once in their lifetime

Most STI clinics do not automatically test for Hep C, so please ask to be on the safe side

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