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The RoadMap 
To Zer0

Ensuring Hepatitis C is a rare disease in Ireland by 2030

Launched 1 June 2022

RoadMap To Zer0

What is the 
roadmap to zero?

Roadmap to Zero is a project to better understand the current care pathways for people living with Hepatitis C in Ireland. This information has been used to produce a report with recommendations which support Ireland’s commitment to making Hepatitis C a rare disease.

How it Was produced


The RoadMap has been informed by the  experiences of medical professionals, pharmacists, project workers, NGO and community services , addiction services, health commissioners and, most importantly, people with lived experience of Hepatitis C. 


Thank You
To all
who were involved

LAUNCH EVENT December 2020

Ensuring the Elimination of Hepatitis C is a Public Health Threat by 2030

Strategies for Elimination Success

Click the link below to watch our inspiring kick off conference led by Professor John Dillon, Dr Stephen Barclay and Professor Diarmaid Houlihan

Discover how barriers can be broken down and professions united with one goal to get on with treating people living with Hepatitis C


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