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The Hepatitis C Partnership provide support, information and advocacy to those impacted by Hepatitis C including organisations and addiction services. We also lobby the government to ensure the elimination of Hepatitis C by 2030. 


The Hepatitis C partnership offer support, information and awareness to those impacted by Hepatitis C. We conduct research and work with stakeholders across the NGO sector to champion the elimination of Hepatitis C here in Ireland. 

Community Awareness

Our education program offers organisations and clients the opportunity to learn about Hepatitis C. These sessions provide practical advice for organisations in relation to adopting Hep C into standard assessments and care planning.

Outreach Support

Our trained team are available to support those most vulnerable in the community to ensure they can attend and undergo treatment. We do this through long established relationships with healthcare providers across Ireland. 

Access to Testing

In partnership with the Mater hospital we provide access to testing and a referral pathway to treatment. We also have links with other hospitals so please make contact to enquire further. 

Peer Education

We also offer peer support training for organisations and services looking to train staff, volunteers or peers to become HepFriends. This training looks at the boundaries and stigma associated with treatment as well as providing an understanding of the virus and processes around testing and treatment.


The partnership advocate and lobby policy makers to ensure the rapid scale up of Hepatitis C testing and the adoption of a shared care model of community treatment. A big part of this work is ensuring Ireland upholds its commitment to the WHO to ensure the elimination of Hepatitis C by 2030.


We work with a range of statutory and non statutory organisations here in Ireland including: Coolmine, Merchants Quay, Simon, Anna Liffey, Community Response, HSE Addiction services and The Mater hospital. 



Become a Hep C Champion

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